Why Choose Us?

There are many things that sets ACA Video Remote Interpreting apart from other companies in this space. Our company is driven by our simple yet motivating mission statement of A Unique Video Remote Interpreting Solutions, Only A Click Away!
We are not a cookie cutter business that will pitch you the same old song and dance. We offer a variety of solutions that allow us to assure that we are providing the best possible experience and service we can to each and every company we work with.

BIG Screens Make A BIG Difference!

Our suggested screen size for video remote interpreting starts at 12″ and goes up to full size big screen TV’s for meeting rooms. The point is, we would never ask somebody to whip out their phone and pretend that this is a reasonable line of communication…it is not!  We offer a variety of hardware solutions directly at very competitive prices that can be purchased or leased, which ever makes more sense to your company or organization.

We Understand & Abide By State Licensure Laws

Yes, you would think that every company providing remote interpreting services would be aware of this and they may be. The fact is, if you talk to many of the local or even national companies and ask them about qualified interpreters, you will get the same story from all of them. They will assure you that all of their interpreters are nationally certified. That very well may be true, but it is not the end of the story. A growing number of states are implementing state licensing processes which allow for more accountability and quality assurance of sign language interpreters. Arizona has even written in laws, to assure that video services only utilize interpreters that hold licences from their state.

If you are working with another company and you don’t know if your state requires licenses for ASL interpreters, this may be a huge liability issue for your company. We take these state to state regulations very seriously and you will never have to worry if the interpreters we provide are actually qualified to work remotely at your location.

Fair Pricing Is A Must

Our parent company has offered in person ASL services for over 20 years. We understand the ongoing struggle for smaller companies to provide the services that ADA laws demand they offer to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The cost can become a burden, this is even true in the VRI service industry. There is a wide range of pricing matrix’ out there today. Our rates are fair and honest and do not pigeon hole companies into ongoing contracts nor do they pressure you into paying high rates until you hit a minimum usage to get a reasonable deal.

5 Reasons Our Prices Beat The Competition

  1. No Big Contract, Simple One Page Agreement.
  2. No Penalty For Not Using Services Monthly.
  3. No Bulk Minute Purchasing, Pay As You Go.
  4. Lower Than Many Others Best Price, Right From The Start.
  5. No Setup Fees.

We Are Strong Supporters Of Local First

In most cases sign language video remote interpreting services utilize a large pool from around the country to service a variety of locations. Our company started small and we understand how important the local ecosystem in business can be.

One of main goals as an agency, is to keep work for service provided at your location in your community. Not only does this keep the money you spend going to local interpreters, but it also can help your deaf employees, patients or partners working with familiar faces.

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