Video Remote Interpreting Hardware Requirements

video remote interpreting hardware requirements check list

You may already be aware that internet speed and other video remote interpreting hardware requirements are a big deal. These components are a huge factor in the quality of a VRI session and can impact the communication experience drastically. We have looked at other providers list of hardware requirements and it is not surprising that we have found a wide range of requirements depending on which company is providing the services.

American Sign Language is a visual language, this means that providing a high quality video stream is of the utmost importance to make a successful line of communication for deaf individuals.

Our software does not require installation on the users computer, so you will not find us in the app store, because you don’t need an app!

Video Remote Interpreting Hardware Requirements - Screen Size

ACA Video Remote Interpreting thinks that we offer one of the best solutions available today from any ASL VRI agency. The one area that we are much different than others, is when it comes to screen size. We do not believe either party should be using a mobile phone sized device. This is not a good way to communicate. Larger screens make American Sign Language easier to understand on the interpreter side as well as the deaf consumers side. So you will not find any information in our video remote interpreting hardware requirements documentation of how a deaf individual can “just use their cell phone” as that is not an appropriate solution for multiple reasons.

We highly suggest tablets no smaller that 12″ and computer screens no smaller than 17″ when possible.

Video Remote Interpreting Hardware Requirements - CPU, Ram & More

Most late model computers will work fine with our video remote interpreting solutions. We have outlines the suggested RAM, CPU and video card settings  in our documentation available for download at the bottom of this post. However, the best way check and see, is to contact us and ask for a free test session of our video remote interpreting software.

Video Remote Interpreting Hardware Requirements - Internet Speed

Fast, reliable internet connections are certainly required. Depending on the quality of the video camera’s in use, there may be 2 1080p video streams being sent and received simultaneously. This does require a strong upload and download connection. Most of today’s DSL and Cable internet connections will suffice. However, since the speed of the internet to your local modem is good, that does not mean the same speed carries to all devices equally if you are not using a wired connection.

Download ACA’s Video Remote Interpreting Hardware Requirements List Here

ACA video remote interpreting hardware requirements check list download pdfOur video remote interpreting hardware requirements are a suggested guideline. However, to receive the best video experience we highly suggest reviewing them. Download our video remote interpreting hardware requirements by adding your email address below.

ACA Notice To Customers & InterpretersImportant changes coming for ACA Video Remote Interpreting

During the last couple of years ACA VRI has appreciated working with so many great interpreters and companies.  However, we have found that it is in ACA’s best interest to make some corporate changes which will redirect our focus.

ACA VRI will no longer stand as an independent entity but will be absorbed into the parent company Arizona Freelance Interpreting Services.  ACA’s official presence will cease October 1, 2021.  Prior to this date we will make sure to complete all payments owed and will be tying up loose ends.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this process.  ACA staff will be sure to do what they can to make this as smooth as possible.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.  We look forward to new opportunities to serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

If you are currently working with us, we will be sending out direct communications soon.

- The ACA Team