Educational Interpreters For Remote Learning

ASL Interpreters for educational settings offer equal access to communication to students in educational settings. Many schools staff ASL interpreters yet still find it complicated to keep up with the demand of a growing student body with special needs. In many states, these interpreters are not even required to hold national certification or state licenses for K-12 educational settings. This means that the interpreters educating our children are the least experienced and in many cases the outcome is rather predictable unfortunately.

ACA Video Remote Interpreting has been providing ongoing remote ASL interpreters for multiple Colleges and these services have quickly raised the bar for those who have experienced how easy it can be to access interpreters right inside of the virtual classroom. With many more schools starting to offer remote learning options, we look forward to the opportunity to see how we may best serve your needs in the future.

Interpreters For Educational Settings

First, all of the interpreters that work for ACA Video Remote Interpreting hold nationally recognized certifications in ASL. We also have interpreters that hold state licenses across the county. We offer some of the most highly accredited and skilled interpreters available via video that you will find anywhere.

When it comes to selecting our interpreters we do all we can to vet their setup to assure a high quality video experience is delivered to our clients.

ACA Video Remote Interpreting test video quality, audio quality and internet connection speed as well as work space staging prior to creating a working relationship with our interpreters. We also evaluate the staging of their working environment to assure a distraction free background. We feel this is an area that is lacking in so many other ASL VRI providers these days.

Without doing live testing it is hard to know you will be providing a truly remarkable service.

Virtual Classroom Sign Language Interpreters

We understand that grade schools and colleges use a variety of solutions to make remote learning work for staff and students. In some cases we have seen schools using up to 3 different platforms to accommodate the needs of live classrooms, assignments and discussions.

Video based virtual classrooms are one of the most commonly used methods for college level students to access live lectures. Our ASL Interpreters can connect to almost any video conferencing platform you may need like; Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet and more. Students can get the same access to communication as a face to face interpreter would provide face-to-face but via video instead!

Sign Language Interpreters For Parent Teacher Meetings

Using a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, now teachers can meet with deaf parents easier than ever. These individual meetings are a particularly great use case for sign language via video remote interpreting.

Provide your parents the assistance they need even if they are not able to meet in the school physically. With American Sign Language being provided by video, the teacher and parent can both meet where ever they are most comfortable and in cases where one parent may live out of state, this is a great way to bring everybody together for important discussions.

Video Overlays For Pre-Recorded Lectures

We have been offering high quality ASL video overlays for some time now. Recently, this has become a very popular method for educators to deliver accessible videos when they are using pre-recorded lectures for their student while remote learning is becoming more common. In most cases, we have a 2 to 3 day turnaround. This means we can get high quality ASL interpreters recorded in our studio, have the overlay produced and return the HD video to you in less than 3 days in most every instance!

Ready To Learn More About Our Services For Your Students and Staff?

Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and staff. We are always glad to work directly with disability resource departments to assure we are able provide a great service, even if that means creating a custom solution that will make equal access to communication as easy as it should be.

ACA Notice To Customers & InterpretersImportant changes coming for ACA Video Remote Interpreting

During the last couple of years ACA VRI has appreciated working with so many great interpreters and companies.  However, we have found that it is in ACA’s best interest to make some corporate changes which will redirect our focus.

ACA VRI will no longer stand as an independent entity but will be absorbed into the parent company Arizona Freelance Interpreting Services.  ACA’s official presence will cease October 1, 2021.  Prior to this date we will make sure to complete all payments owed and will be tying up loose ends.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about this process.  ACA staff will be sure to do what they can to make this as smooth as possible.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.  We look forward to new opportunities to serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.

If you are currently working with us, we will be sending out direct communications soon.

- The ACA Team