ASL VRI For Deaf Employee Meetings

Deaf Employee Meeting Using Video Remote Interpreting ASL Interpreters

VRI or Video Remote Interpreting can be used successfully in many different settings. From medical to education, providers are finding this easy to use American Sign Language service to continue bringing value to their organizations, while keeping them in compliance with a variety of legal requirements. If you have deaf employee meetings at your place of business, then you may already be using a service like this to communicate with your employees. It certainly has its advantages opposed to having another person in your office for these type of encounters.

Less People Means More Room

Lets face it, we all been there. Your in a small space and there are just too many people in that same small place. Claustrophobic or not, this is uncomfortable. If you are planning on a review or short one on one deaf employee meeting, video remote interpreting can make the seating arrangement a whole lot more comfortable for everybody. When you setup interpreting services with an American Sign Language company that provides services through VRI, you will find that simply turning your computer monitor around or setting up a laptop, is much easier on everybody involved. This also can make these meetings feel much more private, even though the interpreter is online via video. If you have a fragrance free office this is another fringe benefit you will find.

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Your Next Deaf Employee Meeting Couldn’t Be Easier, We Promise!

If you are looking for the easiest way to access communication services for deaf employee meetings you have found it. Video remote interpreting software that other companies use, may require special hardware purchases, programs to be installed and more. We utilize a cloud based software that makes it easy to access video interpreters without having your whole tech department come to your desk. Make the next deaf employee meeting a breeze with just a laptop, computer or tablet. Easy setup, no software to install and if you ever do run into trouble our friendly staff is here to help!

If you have not had the chance to try video remote interpreting for deaf patients, deaf employees or deaf customer, you may be very surprised how effective it can be when used in a controlled environment. ACA is proud to offer highly skilled, certified and (in the states that require it) licensed interpreters. Our team of interpreters are here and ready to serve you.

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