Medical Video Remote Interpreters

ASL medical video remote interpreters help save livesVideo remote interpreting can be useful in many different settings. One of the most common uses for this type of service is in a medical setting. Medical video remote interpreters offer a huge convenience to medical providers as well as the patients that they serve. VRI can help accommodate communication with deaf and hard of hearing in almost any medical office. ACA Video Remote Interpreting offers medical video remote interpreters that have a vast medical vocabulary and many have went through specialized American Sign Language training to assure that they are more than qualified to interpret in a number of medical settings.

Medical Video Remote Interpreters Provide ASL Fast!

In an ER setting it is suggested to have have a live interpreter available. However, doctors and physicians can make a connection with a VRI ASL interpreter much quicker than a live interpreter can arrive on site. In these cases many medical facilities will reach our to medical VRI agencies to provide services until a face to face ASL provider can arrive on site. This is a great way to bridge the gap in communication instantly until a local interpreter is available to help further. Medical video remote interpreters can also assist in late night doctors rounds.

There are many different medical scenarios that work well with video remote interpreting. Everything from physical therapy and scans to appointments with primary care physicians and specialists can be a great fit for this type of American Sign Language interpreting. The fact is that if there is a walk in or if there is a patient that shows up that you did not know needed services, VRI can help in a pinch.

Short Medical Appointment Could Even Save Money

The cost of vri per minute is generally higher than most face to face ASL services. The industry standard is to charge a 2 hour minimum for on site sign language interpretation. This is not the case with medical video remote interpreters. Most VRI providers will only charge for a 30 minute minimum. There is a tipping point, but many doctors have found that they can save money by using video remote services for short office visits. Physical therapy is another common place to use sign language interpreters remotely. Some physical therapy sessions only need the interpreter for the first part of the session to understand the exercises.

There are some times it is beneficial to use an on site sign language interpreter. If the medical appointment is discussing serious issues that require complex medical terminology, it may be in the patients best interest to pursue on site services. It is best to ask the deaf individual of their communication preferences to assure you are providing the best accommodations.

How Can Your Office Get Medical Video Remote Interpreters?

Our agency provides a variety of VRI solutions including medical video remote interpreters. We specialize in providing services for the deaf and hard of hearing. We offer a simple flat rate pricing so there are never any surprises come billing time. Our friendly staff is here ready to help you get services setup. We make getting the sign language services your business needs as easy as possible. If your business does not have access to a computer or tablet, just ask us about our easy rental or purchase programs!

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