ASL VRI or American Sign Language video remote interpreting is a way to deliver qualified ASL interpreters through the internet to any location that needs services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
Deaf Employee Meeting Using Video Remote Interpreting ASL Interpreters

20 Dec: ASL VRI For Deaf Employee Meetings

VRI or Video Remote Interpreting can be used successfully in many different settings. From medical to education, providers are finding this easy to use American Sign Language service to continue bringing value to their organizations, while keeping them in compliance with a variety of legal requirements. If you have deaf employee…

video remote interpreting using laptop or tablet in image

27 Aug: Video Remote Interpreting Services

There are many different video remote interpreting services to choose from. It is no wonder that this can make it hard for a business to assess, evaluate and choose which one is right for them. Some of the video remote interpreting services offer many different languages and some only focus…