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video remote interpreting services for deaf and hard of hearing individualsThere are many different video remote interpreting services to choose from. It is no wonder that this can make it hard for a business to assess, evaluate and choose which one is right for them. Some of the video remote interpreting services offer many different languages and some only focus on a few. ACA Video Remote Interpreting LLC, focus solely on providing an outstanding American Sign Language VRI service. We have many years of experience in the face to face interpreting world under our parent company. We have taken our knowledge and experience from building an exceptional team in Arizona to service local business and are now offering the same great service as nationwide ASL services.

What Software Is Needed For Video Remote Interpreting Services?

Depending on what company you choose to work with, there is a wide variety of software options out there. Most steer clear of the free platforms like Google Hangouts, Skype and the likes. These platforms do perform about as well as any commercial solutions we have investigated. The biggest difference is that using secure connections and encrypted data, company’s find it easier to confirm real HIIPA compliance by using custom solutions. Each company uses software that works slightly different. Some may have a big full screen video. Some may have the deaf consumers video sitting next to the interpreter on screen. Both of these display options have their place, usually preferences come down to how you will be using these video remote interpreting services.

What Hardware Requirements Are There for VRI ASL Interpreting?

Any computer with a modern Intel i5 or faster processor will most likely be a usable computer. The screen size and the speed of the internet connection is also a big concern. We suggest using Cable/Fiber internet. In most cases DSL connections will work. In many areas DSL is not offered in higher speeds though. No matter how solid the hardware is there are other considerations. If the internet is slow at you location it will most likely not be a good fit. In this case, we suggest providing an in person ASL interpreter instead. We think that the screen of any device that is being viewed to be compliant with the ADA law should be 12″ or larger. In many cases it is easy to upgrade a laptop by simply purchasing a large monitor to pair with it. The video camera being used should be capable of displaying video at 1080p and there must be a microphone and speakers present.

Why Use VRI Instead of Live ASL Interpreters?

VRI certainly is not the best solution for any setting. Doctors offices and businesses who work with deaf individuals on a one on one basis is the best place to use these services. Large events, conferences and any setting with multiple deaf individuals involved are not. It is important to discuss with the deaf consumer how they feel about receiving services using remote interpreters. Sometimes this is easy and an amicable decision. However, deaf individuals who also experience low vision, this is not a reliable solution. Personal preference should come into play. The ADA laws state that you need to provide an “effective method of communication” and this certainly can vary from person to person.

Two of the main reasons people find these services so convenient is that they can be provided without prearranging. This means an office can make a phone call or chat with an agency representative and have services live in their office in minutes. No need to wait for hours or days anymore! This is a huge benefit to many ASL consumers and it also means that you (as a business) would never have to cover travel charges for an interpreter either. Close quarters communication, is another benefit. If you are doing employee meetings in a small managers office and don’t have room for another seat, no problem!

State Licenses Are Important!

Not every state requires American Sign Language interpreters to hold a state license. You should check with your local RID (Registry Of Interpreters for the Deaf) chapter or local state governments to find out more about interpreter licensure in your area. Many companies think that since they are operating at a national lever that this is not important. If you are paying for video remote interpreting services you need to make sure that the company that is providing them is in compliance. If not, then neither are you or your business.

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